Thanks to all for your support in making the 2016 Celebration of Lights one of the best in recent years.

We are now at that time to clean it all up and put it away for the season.

We have a crane and crews going in on Friday Jan 6th to lower the large displays and begin taking things down. Any display adopters are welcome to take down any displays they would like at this time, we are planning to have everything cleared from park and in storage on Jan 14th. If taking them down please put any bolts back into the frames and try to lean display parts together on a nearby tree. Any display adopters who would like to take displays back to their shops to work on them, please just let us know which ones and where they are going so we know where they are and who to contact if needed.

We plan to have our community tear down day on Saturday Jan 14th, we will be completing taking down any remaining displays, removing all lights and cords then transporting them back to storage. We are hoping to have everything back into storage this day. Anyone with trucks and trailers available to help with this would be greatly appreciated.

We are looking for any help with any repairs needed to be done in the off season, we have several displays that could use some work to make 2017 an even better year. If interested just email us at

We also had several questions on how to become involved or bring in new displays. If anyone is interested in this just let us know, if considering anything new this is the time to put these ideas together so we can plan, order or build anything new that there may be interest in. This also allows us to plan out what is possible for next year as well. If interested just email us at

Thanks to all who came out this year to support this event, we look forward to next year for an even bigger and better event in 2017!

Donation Request Letter

If you are interested in making a donation to Celebration of Lights, download this letter